Hello world!

Transforming the Old in Light of the New

On the 1st January 2012 I announced that I wastaking a break from humanity as I've known it: 'see you on the other side' about a part of my life journey that I could not face with others but must take on alone. It was a journey that began in earnest on 25th December and it remained difficult, challenging and lonely until at least 5th January, after which the transitions of territory became less harsh and exhausting.

By 6th – 7th January I was moving toward a gentle plateau and by 9th I found myself looking back on the travel and looking outward to the pleasing vista before me with sense of pleasure and energy – at last I was moving to the other side; my life would be accompanied once more: and that is what happened, had already been happening since 3rd January, had I simply registered it.

So – for the first time in my new self/life, may I say: “Hello World, very pleased to meet you. Sit with me, have a drink, let’s sink into a rest and enjoy kicking up our heels, we’ve worked so very hard and we’ve saved Hope for us – that must be worth celebrating, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather celebrate with than you.” 🙂

Freshly United in Loving Humanity

Heaven From Here


Written early hours of 11/01/2012

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