Of Course, Talk doesn’t always heal…

It can be used as a weapon too. As can silence/absence. It is why children are sent to the naughty chair, it’s why murderers are sent to solitary confinement instead of hanging with them: physical pain lasts but a moment, enforced and unwanted solitude kills in a very slow, very torturous way.

Then again, talking in ways that undermine or annihalate the identity of the other, continual criticism, for example, laughter when the other didn’t indicate they were joking, and isn’t amused, instructions always to serve never to be served, always be a paragon of virtue, hide in the shade so the other/s can collect the credit for that…

…this is dangerous talk indeed. If it starts, for example, at the age of two, it gets positively murderous.

You have to have the agility of a kangaroo, the versatility of a chameleon, the mind of a detective and fugitive, the strength of a giant, the confidence of a lion, the wisdom to see when it’s safe and when it’s dangerous to reveal this true self – that’s a learning, and sometimes it can take 14/2 years to truly learn the arts of survival until it’s a beautiful art.

Welcome to 2012. Janie Greville begins a project called ‘Getting to Know Me: Here I Come!’ The subtitle will be ‘Repute in relation to Truth – A Response’.

Watch out for it, it’s all about how talk heals. Truthful talk that is.

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