Narrative Practitioner, Expert by Experience Perspective

I wanted to create a third blog to encompass an opportunity to share commentaries in relation to reading the two blogs ‘Beneath the Throne’ (talkheals) and ‘Silencelol’ (gracelol).

They will begin to fall together best by reading both.

They may read better from the bottom up, ie from october to January onwards, rather than from the most recent back. Each reading provides a trail of cues and clues to more than one tale.

There is a range of focii and a range of emotive states expressed and described/referred to within the texts. The Silencelol is the blog to visit for expressive and narrative dynamic. The Talkheals/beneath the throne blog is the one to visit in order to acquire an ‘overview’ of the context within which the blog ‘silencelol’ plays out its more localised unfolding contents.

The reader is left to hazaard a guess as to whether the entire blog/s, from start to finish (not that the finish is in sight at the moment) is/are subtending from a previously prepared script and narrative and being released, knowingly, bit by bit, either in order, or out of order..

If out of order, the blog readers will at some point be invited to place the entries into a coherent and satisfying order to produce a complex and rich tapestry of text, with beginning, middle and end.

The blog visitors are invited to collaborate in the text by contributions of action or word, in direct relation and contribution to the blogs or outside of it in such a manner that it later gets woven into the story in a determining fashion, ie shifts outcomes, adds in surprises, provides ‘highs’ as well as ‘lows’ and so forth.

This is a Pollock Painting or a Sistine Chapel Painting of meaning, not a Hard Times by Dickens, or War and Peace by Tolstoy. To appreciate the art of it you will have to treat it as that, look all over the canvas and start to tie together the landscape in your mind.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂



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    gulrotkake lavkarbo Says:

    gulrotkake langpanne Hrm, Not the best post unfortunately. Sorry to be so blunt! You should try some Norwegian carrot cake ( gulrotkake lavkarbo ) to cheer you up instead.

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