Well, everyone, YOU’RE naughty!!! ;-)

Looks a Mess but Trust Her - She knows what she's doing 🙂

Well, not all of you… a few of you, 215, have visited Tim Minchin youtube uploads on this blog today and a lot, lot of you visited yesterday. But then, I know that a lot, lot of you check us out on a Friday, some at work, some over tea, some instead of going out, or either side of that.

So I also know that you haven’t been as excited on Friday as you had got last Thursday.

Tim Minchin ROCKS!!! Jesus-Neo-Punk man – this guy deserves an even bigger place on the World’s global stage of glory than he has yet had – take the guy to the TOP!!

So come on – move it and watch these videos if you haven’t before. I’m busy writing, snail method, a properly articulated and usable theory of mind and mental distress plus diagnostics and treatment suggestions Drugs aren’t a part of the plan. Not western medicine poisons anyway.

It will be measurable and testable. It will not include the word ‘illness’ apart from a discussion about the etymology of that word.

My objections to applying the word ‘ill’ to human beings or animals or anything else outside of simple and visible, usually, applications of it is, in our opinion, crass and misguided and judgemental.

Our model will be, as said, testable. It will elaborate a set of hypotheses. It will fill in a lot of the gaps. It will be accompanied by a manual of diagnostics and treatment proposals. Research theses will begin on pilot cases to test this new theory.

It this Theory withstands a rigorous 5 year testing process then I think we can safely say: We have a theory of mind and human distress that will replace Psychiatry and Psychiatrists. Since Western Medicine has nothing to say about human distress. It’s not available at the chemists in any bottle or carton. You can’t cut it out with a knife. You can’t add objects into it.

I guess it’s author will also receive a Nobel Prize for Contributions to Medicine. After all, by its new definitions, human distress is not illness at all. So that’s 25% reduction in costs and statistics of health in this country at the very least and over much of the world in due course.

Since none of the syndromes characteristically fitting the term ‘mental distress’ and ‘disturbance’ are ‘life long’. They may be severe at presentation; they may be life threatening at presentation and get more delicate before healing – but every one is healable and no one is excluded from this hopeful hypothesis.

The entire theory will be published in parts on this blog or a related blog. It will have a home page that will be public and free and an archives and members only section for fee payers.

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