Desperate Measures in Re: One Monday

On the Cross; Being Cross; Crossed; YinYang - The Circle & + of Life.

One Monday. 

This piece of writing, in verse form, uses quite a lot of Christian terminology and referencing. None of the references are obscure – all are widely known from the nursery onwards. However – the point is, the language for reference to the other vis a vis mortality, is Christian in its form. It will be noticed that within this referencing there is acknowledgement of other vocabularies and forms of language for referencing the ‘other’ to ‘mortal life’. This is of fundamental importance since this piece of writing is intended to rise above divisions between us all.

Having said this, let us start over, beginning with the title:

One Monday.

One Monday, after Christmas,
when Christmas was done,
When Christmas was over
Before it began:
The clouds gathered
The heavens cracked:
Father Christmas had lost his sack,
And his workshop problems multiplied
With the minutes

And the minutes went by:
Angels lost their wings
Children gave up on things
Bees lost their stings
And the father lost his strings
On the movement of destiny

In human terms
It was just another bad day at the office

For cosmic ordering
It was a mystery:
Innocence was sent from Eden
Pain multiplied
In her absence –
Anger, resentment, jealousy,
Gripes hugged tenaciously,
Grace sent out of the room
A season of gloom
A portrait of doom
While the Sun was eclipsed.

Grace and Innocence,
Innocence and Grace,
Completed by Simplicity
Stopped knocking at the door
Of Heaven:
For heaven now was
Hell on Earth;
G. I. S floated to Hell
Where heaven on earth
Newly resided

Time passes
And doesn’t exist
In the cosmic balance
Of beauty.

One day we’ll see the Marriage
Of Heaven and Hell
Once more:
How long it will take we can’t tell;
We can’t have our finger
On God’s holy pulse,
‘He’ alone moves in mysterious ways
Loving G I S in his own testy fashion.

They pray and they wait
And potter about
Not always gracefully:
They try their best
And surely their best
Is always good enough
To one who sees into
The sincerity of souls?

They lack understanding
Of common humanity
For their innocence limits their understanding
Their simplicity limits their understanding
While their grace protects them from the fall –

They find themselves in burning hell
And are not hot or burned at all:
Their casing of asbestos
Was also provided by ‘god’ above
Who loves all his children

Especially the sinners
Who are pure of heart,
Who are driven by their bodies
To put the horse before the cart;
Especially the sinners
Who are pure of mind,
Who lack a grain of malice
When they’re being most unkind;
Especially the sinners,
Whose souls are made of gold,
Who act like outright bastards
And close their eyes
And won’t be told..

Especially the sinners,
And even more than this:

God loves the lost and bewildered
Following his track
And when they falter
And when they cry
He holds them on his back

While the sunshine glows for them
Flows for them
Goes into every crevice and corner for them;
And even when they’re blind
And they can’t see the way
Even when they stumble and have forgotten
How to play
Even when they lose their faith
And don’t even pray:

‘He’ carries them forward
In his own loving way.

The march of destiny
Beckons us all
We’re heading for glory
Away from the Fall
And all of our lives
Mimic Genesis
And mimic the march
Of Redemption:

All of us climb on our own sorry crosses
Til we’re ready for something higher
All of us struggle with the devil within
Til we fine tune and integrate our bodies and souls:
It ages us all so immensely,
This fight against God
Or whatever’s good

Though once we connect with the cosmos once more,
Once we let go of our fears,
Once we rest in Jesus – or in whatever name we use
To pin our flag of trust upon
To catch our every hope:
We get younger with the years
For our cares are then behind us
and true heaven has begun.

Janie Greville 1st February, 2012


  1. 1

    Please see Janie’s wall for my initial commentary.
    I wish to add here that the hope emerging from despair in the above poem is redolent of J’s recent history. Despite vilification and incarceration without trial in the U.K. within the past year merely for daring to be different she has rebounded to confound all her detractors, perish them. As a Christian myself, baptised C. of E. as an adult, I appreciate the reference to the cross and can see that for J’s case it holds particular poignance. The poem as a whole is, it seems, reflective of her journey to the present day, where she appears to enjoy holistic well-being’ and to be capable of looking more outwards than in
    Gordon Parsons..

    • 2
      gracelol Says:

      Gosh, gordon – I’ve only just noticed this comment – thank you so much for your generosity of notice and for your unstintingly kind praise. Janie x

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