A Lot to Report.

ZanyJaney 2010; Cannon Hill Pk; Road2Recovery Show

In fact: I don’t even know where to begin.

There is the new theory of mind and body = mergence emerging, not collapsing (qua ‘psychiatry’) to begin to delineate; a new breaking story of almost mind blowing ignorance and stupidity viz stigma and discrimination and small group politics in that (from a local police group) to report and – oh, so much more.

However: where are all of YOU?

In a seven day period we usually see 3-4000 of you popping to see how we are getting on and what we are saying.

This last week has probably seen less than 100 of you clicking in – and even the more light hearted site, silence.wordpress.lol has seen less than a 1000 of you flooding forward.

This is fine re eg ‘Time-to-Change’ and ‘Mind’ – after all, the latter tend to spend too much time asking you for money and the former are inclined to treat you as passive consumers.

But this and the sister site – these are genuinely participatory sites and for two months you loved it. Apparently now you’re bored? Just how fickle are you?

I know you don’t like us criticising you: our tendency to let Janie Greville impact on our identity such that being ‘a bit judgemental’ is pretty much par for the course as a result (thanks for pointing that out intelligent young Lorna Greville, lol) is perhaps something we ought to reconsider : maybe we ought to tell her and her pal Arrabbella to shut up and stop playing about so that we can focus on serious stuff?

If that’s what you think then you are making a cognitive error.

It’s high time that you used the mind that you were born with. Joy and Laughter move along harmonically, contrastingly and intelligently in the learning journey – sometimes by design, sometimes quite by accident.

Then again, we’re also influenced by Janie’s confidence: there are those who like to call it ‘arrogance’. Janie would respond (and believe us, we’ve tried it, she does it every time) by saying: “confidence means : con = with ‘fide’ = trust meaning = with trust (in the beliefs and convictions and information being shared); whilst ‘arrogance‘ derives from the latin ‘claim for oneself’ – 1537 ‘to claim and assume as a right that to which one is not entitled’; ‘to appropriate without just reason, or through self conceit, insolence or haughtiness’… ‘to assume without reason..’

Well, somehow or another, those of us within MissionMiraculus have been persuaded to believe and do intuitively recognise the difference between these two qualities of personal assertiveness and we notice, too that the authority with which Janie speaks (or writes) appears to be challenged most by those who deem her ‘lesser’ because of her mental health status, or because of her economic status or her occupational status or her social status. Janie has sub-culture, under-class status in these ways – we notice it doesn’t bother her and that she seldom if ever attempts to hide or upgrade representations of these ‘status’ driven values. We also notice she is a woman and that this in itself immediately removes from her a right to confidence.

We forward this ‘information’ in order to inspire other women and other ‘sub class’ groups and individuals and other ‘under class’ individuals to rise up and assert themselves in dignity and self trust.

All of us are humans. All of us are part of nature’s great pattern. None of us are exceptions to this. None of us are special in relation to these factors. Let’s stop bowing to status, wealth and ‘knowledge’. Let’s start thinking for ourselves and valuing ourselves – not more, nor less, than others, but equally.

This is equivalent to a mission statement by MissionMiraculus: however, being written by one member without voted agreement it is, until this has been achieved, a personal mission statement by the editor of these blogs:

Jessica Clements.

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