The Alternate Economy Blog: Reblogged.

Tracey Holley Escapes to Heaven's Retreat

Think maybe I should explain – this is a reblog (apart from the photo) of a blog called ‘The Alternate Economy’ (WordPress). It is a beautifully wise and passionately hopeful and zealous (in a good sense, where zeal is commonly taken to indicate dogmatism and aggression – this one is the reverse of each). I thought it worth re-blogging, though the manner in which this one is set out, on the home page I think, is far better – my stick and paste just didn’t honour the lay-out. Check it out for yourself, it is a site that advances the more holistic values within which MissionMiraculus (hopefully) falls.

“The following table presents my philosophy in the order it was meant to be read. Please, take the time to investigate my ideas. There are many other posts on this site as well, but I recommend reading these posts first. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!:-
An Economy of Greed

A Quest for Truth




Outward Expressions




Inward Expressions


A Spirit of Receiving





The Procession of Ages

One Life

The Truth

The Idea of Love is best expressed with Balanced Emotions

But how does that translate to our Economy?

An Economy of Generosity



Checks and Balances”

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