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Many apologies for the lateness of the day in which I upload this for your benefit. I confess, it was written around 3am last night and another, on silencelol, addressing a specific question asked after Mike Smith’s session, did appear around then… I got it into my head that this one, too, had been published, but of course, because it’s just an intro, I’d saved it to draft only.

Anyhow, with no further ado: Let’s begin with this ‘Part 1’ and then later this evening ‘Part 2’ will appear. I look forward to hearing from you in response to the views shared herein – dialogue is the space where ‘collaborative learning’ takes place 😉

Peer Support Organisation: The Best Hospital Out

Well, I’m going to begin this presentation with a response to a question asked of me from one of you as I left Muirhead Tower last week. You will find this response on http://www.silencelol.wordpress.com

(The question was, in a nutshell, ‘How do people manage to handle moving on from mental health traumas, with all the set backs that these are inclined to involve, without being lost in regrets for all the time lost on the journey?’)

And now to the presentation ‘proper’.

My topic is the ‘Shared Humanness’ concept as articulated by Tracey Holley (ex Worcestershire based mental health consultant, now living in Scotland). I would like to explain this concept a little, relating it to the ten shared capabilities which you may be aware of (I hope you are) and then referring to specific experiences that I have had during hospital stays where such values were in place and which have remained memorable and cherished as an oasis within a desert of humanity.

Hopefully, I will gain permission from Tracey to upload a version of her work for general dissemination on this site within the next few days. Til then, let’s just say, the concept derives from an all inclusive perception of sharing those qualities of human value that none of us are excepted by or from and which she proposes should form the basis for mental health practitioners ethos, right across the field.

Necessarily, this approach does away with hierarchisation (?) of personnel, including those at the ‘receiving end’ of services, without removing the care that sufferers may need at any one time.

I promised you a video presentation, so I am going to have to sort that out now. In order to do so it takes a hell of a time to upload it first to my youtube account and then to the website. So bear with us – you may not see it until tomorrow afternoon.

Mmmm don’t think I’m going to make it til the weekend or so.. let’s do a typescript and see if you’re actually listening before I bust a gut for you all shall we? 😉

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