Harrassment Alert

Strength Battered By Brutality

Strength Battered by Brutality

Today we wish to draw your attention to a case being brought by the police against a citizen of Birmingham.

The person in question is a member of the Suresearch group in Birmingham. Suresearch is a service user peer support and research group that also includes and involves friends and allies amongst professional academics at the University (where it is hosted) – and other groups and individuals championing the cause of human rights and, i.e., improved treatment of sufferers of acute and/or enduring mental health distress by both provided services and surrounding communities.

He is an active citizen who is committed to offering his time and energies to the service of others by providing information and links to members of the suresearch group and to other groups of which he is either a member or an actively interested visitor.

One of these other groups is ‘Pink Shield’, a gay community group. At meetings of this group a police contingent is present to represent and to learn about the threats faced by this community group and to respond appropriately to its needs.

Our Suresearch member made a link with one of these police officers and added her to his email list for relevant communications. In addition, where he deemed it appropriate, he sent her specific communications to alert her to matters he considered relevant and significant for police notice.

Around about the time of the August riots last year, he noticed that the police officer concerned possessed a facebook page that clearly identified both her occupation and her private living whereabouts. In an act of protective alert, he sent her an email to caution her about this, explaining the potentially vulnerable position she was placing herself in.

He was arrested on January 17th this year and held, first in a police cell, then at a remand centre, for 8 days and nights. He was allowed no visitors or phone calls, and the letter sent to him by his brother mysteriously ‘disappeared’ – at any rate, he didn’t receive it until he returned home and could read the copy of it his brother had wisely made.

He has appeared in court and has been given an adjourned date of 26th April, 2012 for the hearing.

We will be obtaining the time and the address of the magistrates court where this hearing will take place and we will be calling for visible support for this maligned citizen.

Thank you for your time and support of this case.

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