Talk Still Heals ….

All Kinds of Roads Lead to Love

…but on this site and within this writer there have been disturbances, confusions, errors of judgement and a lack of clear purpose.

Until these have been cleared up and a purer, lovelier, more fully and inclusively healing purpose has emerged; one that will not merely echo other sites but will create a genuinely valuable space on the web – we will continue to remain silent…Until we return we leave you with a prayer (to ‘God or Whatever’s Good’ everywhere) :

we pray for forgiveness, we offer forgiveness, we pray for peace and offer peace, we pray for abundance, we offer abundance, we pray for healing, we offer healing, we pray for miracles – miracles happen every day: may miracles happen to you and we… Finally – we offer thanks for all the wonders of our lives, and all our joys always.

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