Bushel etc…….

I’ll get to the bushel later, let’s talk dreidels first..

Gordon popped over this morning. Car not drivable at the moment so he generously offered to collect me from sainsbury’s when I’d done my shopping. Or, as actually occurred, arrive 10 minutes before me and accompany me around the store.

Over several cups of coffee we chatted about this and that. The topic to share today was this: Yesterday I came across a guy called Tony Robbins who is an experienced broadcaster and practioner in relation to ‘strategic interventions’. He & his colleague were sharing their broad approach whilst focussing on a woman who suffered from depression.

At a particular point he raised the concept of the ‘crazy 8’ – two circles of physiology + mental focus + language that = a depressive syndrome – from passive sadness, hopelessness, despair and powerless vulnerability to active determination, anger and empowerment – back, of course, to depression in the passive state etc.

In particular in this case he noticed that the woman in question fiercely protected her depressed state.

Eureka – he introduced and explained ‘the crazy 8’.

The day has rushed by and now I shall have to continue tomorrow.

Sleep Well Everyone – thanks for being so patient during our fallow period 🙂


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