Remedial Anaesthetics: Or the Science of Psychiatry.

That’s it for the time being: I thought you might like to reflect on the title ‘Remedial Anaesthetics: Or the ‘science’ of Psychiatry’.

Interesting isn’t it. Aesthetics is the ‘opposite’ of ‘anaesthetics‘. You wouldn’t automatically connect the two words/concepts.

This brings us to the etymological sense of ‘aesthetics‘. I’m guessing sensory experience is involved in it – Oh yes, indeedy, the Shorter English Dictionary (a large two volumed item for those not ‘in the know’) provides the pre late 19th C definition as ‘perceived/received by the senses‘; ‘the science of the conditions of sensuous perception’.

Hold onto this. We will be returning to it in due course. It is not insignificant. The counterposition of aesthetic and anaesthetic in relation to Modern Medical Science, specifically Psychiatry will prove, we suspect to possess the conceptual power of a volcano. In the right foundry, that is. 😉


Volcanic Brightening Burst

Volcanic Brightening Burst


(Please note ‘science’ is once within quotation marks and once without. That’s because I can’t decide which is more appropriate. What do YOU think?)

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