Primary and Secondary Sexual components.

Thanks to sarahstitely

Sun Bejewells Water

How absurd. Even to identify ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ sexual characteristics.
What is the masculine ‘secondary’ sexual characteristic?
A Deep Voice?
I haven’t googled it.
I only have my surface impression. That breasts are a female’s ‘secondary sexual characteristics’.

How fucking ridiculous.
They are not primary or secondary.

They are essential sexual characteristics.

Find a man who is capable of lactating.

You will find a few.
However – you will remark every single one.
Every single one is gifted. They have the characteristics of both sexes, assuming they are characterisable as male.

Or as female despite possessing a ‘male member’.

The fact is that possessing lactating organs – in the arena of the breast region – is characteristically feminine. Female. It is where the feminine links up with the female.

It has nothing whatever to do with the ‘size of breasts’
I have absurdly minute breasts unless I’m breast feeding.
I breast fed between 1990 and 1992. I could have fed the nation of infants.
Though frankly that possibility didn’t occur to me. I simply fed my own til they were obese and then leaked – pints.

It was my happiest time.

I was ‘huge’ – overflowing with the love of motherhood caused my breasts to swell and provide more than twins or quadruplets could possibly have managed to consume safely.

I did so despite working full time, despite attempting to transfer my surfeit to them for whenever I couldn’t be with them, despite demanding of my body that it respect my ‘normal professional life’
I couldn’t be more delighted. I felt proud at the time. I feel delighted still.
Me. Tiny me. Sliver of an item of humanity, featuring some hip bone and little much else; a tiny waist (til the kids distorted my rib cage) and breasts as flat as they could get short of a nipple or two…
I’ve seen men with needs for a bigger bra than I who wouldn’t even need a bra…

So I knew and know for certainty that breast size has nothing to do with functionality – from 32 aa to 38DD in a few months – all for the love of babies

And that is why I have an issue with the pathetic (in the sympathetic sense) followers of ‘Jordan’

Oh how I regret, on her behalf, the passion she has brought about to emulate the passion of men for huge dick.

When she could have taught men how inappropriate, irrelevant, senseless was/is the fetish of ‘size’ – power is not in ‘size’ but in character and disposition:

How long will it take humanity to learn this lesson???

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