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fighting over toys

fighting over toys

A letter I was writing today in relation to the death of my father led me to develop some more thoughts about a topic that has been swirling a little in my inner mind of late.

Money to adults is as toys are to children. Not the objects they represent – well, that’s a lie – even these aren’t lost on the adult kid.

Money is all about ‘having’ and ‘being’. ‘Having’ a source of regular in come is called ‘I’ve got a job’. It’s the first hall mark of the satisfied customer – my income comes from me is what this statement say’s – ‘i’m independent’.

It’s quite funny really: in the 19th century ‘having a job’ and ‘earning your own keep’ was the hallmark of poverty and lack of social status.

Even in the novels of PG Wodehouse this marker of the older system can be seen hanging on by the faintest of threads and an amused Jeeves.

Then there’s the ‘I’ve got a jaguar’ – usually by men, lol, boasting about their ‘what I do and how much I get for my job [=earn my own keep]

Of course there are people who don’t appear conscious of or make reference to their ‘possessions’ but where this is completely genuine they are so used to it they don’t notice it and it is the landscape not the object of their living.

As it should be.

Aesthetics by all means converse on and if something of beauty comes within range of the conversation or even triggers it – then discuss it at length if need be.

But ‘monetary value’ what’s that about? To discuss the issue of monetary value by any means do it immediately. But to judge a thing by its monetary tag appears to be a little bizarre.

The wonderful thing about money is the way that when you have some you are happy in the knowledge that at your whim you can go and exchange part or all of it for something you want.

It is like having a vault of possibilities stored easily in a tiny box outside the house.

And we need to remember that, some of us, in case we get carried away.

That is: we should remember that some children are greedy and selfish and boastful because they haven’t been brought up very well, some children are very naughty and jealous and deceitful because they’ve been brought up badly – and some children play by the rules dutifully without love or mercy… a few play by the spirit of play – and enjoy the fruits of their labour 🙂

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