Art & Efficiency

from small acorns do great oaks grow.

from small acorns do great oaks grow.

Art is highly efficient in every zone of life it is true art, but its effects are not swift to appear.

It reminds me of the mantra Gordon Parsons taught me a couple of years ago. ‘Hurry Slowly’ he used to say to me, and on occasion he still does. It’s a slippery concept. You have to meditate on it for quite a while before it eventually slides into place.

Fittingly so. After all – nothing worth having comes easy. And this particular epithet is liquid diamond in its capacity to bring ease into a stressed life.

Translated it reads: Take all the time in the world. You’ll get there quicker by relaxing.

The key is in the concept of ‘relaxing’ with all of its’ connotations and associations.

Not fearful. Not rushed. Not averse. Not anxious. Not avoidant. Not rushing. Laid Back. Easy Going. Confident.

Not too big a step now towards that qualitative addition ‘happy’ is it?

The next parts of my recounting to you this essay on the topic of ‘art and efficiency’ will be published tomorrow (and possibly beyond). It will include attention to art and artists and how everyone is an artist. It will investigate the difference between a shoddy artist and a fine artist. Eventually it will lead back to efficiency and it will lead doubly back to a previous blog about money.

But for now: it’s been a long day, I’m tired and I’ve not yet eaten.
Enjoy your evening, I know I shall.

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