Happiness isn’t talkative

happiness at last

happiness at last


Which is why I haven’t been writing much of late.

Apparently I like being busy because whilst I’ve been happy lately I’ve also been busy – maybe I need to be busy to be truly happy. Not too busy – I need time to soak in luxurious baths, to watch my  good share of pointless tv, to sit about day dreaming and to ring round friends and family. But enough to enable me to feel that I’ve purposes to my existence and that I’m pursuing aims and goals.

For example, I’ve determined upon creating an exhibition during the course of this year that will come to the public eye within the next couple of years, three at most. It will effectively be both a mid-way retrospective and a completely new work: that is – the works in the show will constitute one large work in itself.

The theme of the show is going to be ‘Self & Identity’ after the self and identity research project being spearheaded by Jerry Tew (from the University of Birmingham)  and Kris Benington (from MHRN). Amongst others of my acquaintance I have been on the steering group for this research and have recently been getting more involved in the realisation of its active parts.

The exhibition is going to involve the representation or expression of my perception of the ‘self’ and ‘identity’ as emerging from within shifting flows of connection and interconnection with overlapping contexts and individual others. I’m hoping to find some way of expressing this through the shape and organisation of the exhibition as a whole.

I’m quite excited about it as it is my most ambitious attempt to date to show these things, to relate the unique detail to the larger whole and the manner in which the two are absolutely interdependent, yet also absolutely unique with relative autonomy.

It is of course a remarkably serendipitous exhibition I have in my mind: somehow stuff has come together in my life through the years that lends itself to something of a majestic effect if I’m able to give it justice. We’ll have to see..


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