Hello, Good Evening and Welcome! (‘taking tips from walter benjamin’)

It’s just a few days since I blogged this one – and yet, its resonance is such as to move me still and to long to find significant others reading me and responding to me by commenting on this blog. I’m told by Gordon Parsons that it is difficult if not impossible to comment on this blog – spammers have no problem lol – what’s the prob? Write to me on Janie Greville fb page, or MissionMiraculus fb page and tell me what the problem is if it’s other than ‘can’t be arsed’ ….. but then if that’s the block… you can’t be arsed to move to fb either can you? lmao 😉

Beneath the Throne

…deary me, am I being possessed by David Frost? Please, no, his jacket’s wouldn’t fit me… my shoulders are straight, straight like my mother’s, they look wide and also strong… no there I’m wrong – she looks strong, I’m fragile to gaze at…  lucky me, full of vulnerability – I couldn’t be more pleased… tragedy lies in the line of solid strength, storms will break the impermeable oak; while the willow bends its face beneath the water then,….. sways up again as healthy as before…

What happens when I let my mind wander… (‘loosening of association’)

so – not Seamus Heaney either….
Who else has died this week?
Who’s been born?
Who’s lurking in the shadows,
Scared to be seen?
Who’s losing hope and tiptoe-ing out of the room?
Who’s timidly hiding and slightly showing,
And wishing, someone would lift her to the light?

Who’s visibly playing, playfully dancing,

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