Peter Greville 14.7.1930 – 4.10.2012

My father, ‘Anthony Pierre Greville’ on birth certificate, was ubiquitously known as ‘Pete’ & ‘Petey’. He was a drummer, photographer and bullshitter of the most delightful variety. He also played the guitar, the piano and the heart strings. I am very much his daughter, though a painter more than a musician and my photography is untutored in the sense that his music was untutored, thus the highest of his achievements. Since his death I’ve felt him closer in my life and he remains the inspiration in my life for self acceptance and self-assertion and expression – it worked for him, I sense that the truer I am to myself the better life will work for/with me..

Beneath the Throne



The following piece was originally written by Janie Greville as her contribution to the Conference for World Mental Health Day held at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on 10.10.2012.

“I would like to use this opportunity to say a few words about Hope and Communication in the course of our lives – and in the lives, particularly, of those journeying within the medical health and care services.

In my years of experience as a person suffering a diagnosis of a ‘severe and enduring mental illness’ and suffering distress related to such labelling, I have had reason to focus on the concepts of Hope and Communication in the provision of Mental Health Services. It has only been the experience of accompanying and watching my father suffer and then die, however, that has opened my eyes to the pivotal role that these two dimensions of care play in health care as a…

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