Stuck in a Quandary

…in relation to last year. Action needs taking in relation to what happened to Janie Greville between February and April 2011. The mental health services listened to protests and anger from distant members of her family ย in relation to a blog she was publishing.

They took notice to the degree that they persecuted her until they had actually broken into her home in the middle of the night where she was in bed, frightened of this invasion, and took her to Worcester Psychiatric Hospital where there was no bed for her to rest on.


The ‘interview’ that took place in her home was a farce driven by a foregone conclusion.

Cheers - Crisis Over, Champagne Living Beginning

Cheers – Crisis Over, Champagne Living Beginning

Her crimes had been to write the truth about a man where truth didn’t flatter him, and to have treated an uninvited ‘home treatment team’ member as if he was someone she was familiar with (she was – and the treatment was mutual, with one difference. He thought he had the right to decide what should and should not constitute the content of the visit. He decided that his boasting of his music should be concealed, and she did not. He reported this as ‘inappropriate behaviour’ and as a ‘symptom of mental illness.’)

The decision to imprison her had already been made. The ‘assessment’ was a mere formality.

Janie has ventured to ask family members how they feel about her going back, now, to complain in formal terms about this appalling incident and series of incidents around it. They are frightened. Every time they hear ‘mental health services’ they picture Janie being bundled into a hospital and then emerging from it in a suicidally depressed state. They just want to forget it.

Will they ever be able to, when Janie can be incarcerated at the call of anyone who doesn’t like what she says because it’s both true and inconvenient to their reputation? Or because they don’t like her un-English open-ness, or her ‘arty’ self presentation on occasion? Or her forthright manner, or her sharp tongue?

Isn’t it time she did stand up for the truth, for justice and to demonstrate the absurdity of psychiatry, at least in relation to her case?

What should she do? Your comments will be most welcome.


  1. 1
    Zoe Nosworthy Says:

    Janie, I saw you that day, after They carted you off in the middle of the night. A similar thing happened in my family in August 2003, we complained, weren’t listened to and eventually took our complaint to the (old) Mental Health Aact Comission. We had to pursue 2 different complaints about the same sequence of events because the social worker who made that decision did not come under the NHS complaint system. Eventually, we had a 28 point apology from Ros Keeton following an Independent Review. She assured us that no-one would be taken in that way again, in the night, from their home, in illegal transport, with lies being given for reasons. The then head of social Services eventually had to apologise personally, following the separate independent review because her social workers lied to us and then she lied to us.
    That was in 2003.
    I think you should pursue the trust through their complaint system and then through the Ombudsman to get resolution for what happened to you. The MH act is supposed to be there to protect people not to be used because incompetent people make strings of bad decisions which run away to cause ridiculous events that if they weren’t so serious, would be laughable.


    • 2
      gracelol Says:

      Zoe your response is supportive, imaginative, intelligent and VERY VERY WELCOME!!!! Given the degree to which Janie Greville has been persecuted for her beliefs and her knowledges from 1997 to 2011, I’m sure you can appreciate just how hesitant she has been left regarding justice in this country vis a vis Psychiatry and the NHS Mental Health Services. However, your encouragement and advice is taken on board: it may take a group of supporters to enable Janie to find Justice in the UK.

    • 3
      gracelol Says:

      In fact: can we talk Zoe? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. 4
    paul roberts Says:

    Well I have always felt you should take them to the Cleaners when you have recovered from the trauma of being sectioned for no good reason.You have my every support x

    • 5
      gracelol Says:

      Paul – I’m adding you to Zoe as member of the Janie Greville case support group ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure Gordon will be willing to be added to this; plus neighbours and Mike ๐Ÿ˜€

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