Coming Up for Air

After 5 years of mourning – Dad, Godmothet & Mother and “empty nest syndrome,” I’m back on track – a new track:

A refreshed path of looking forward and drained of PTSD trails.

There is little time to write to you today – i’m busy folding leaflets and making cakes for the fundraiser for Mind tomorrow Weds 4th October outside the Barber Institute of Fine Art.

The ‘gig’ there I’ve arranged a bit solo – bit dumb but it bubbles up as an idea last Thursday and tomorrow is the monthly Suresearch meeting at the Uni of Birmingham so it fitted in perfectly with no time to find help to prepare. But Gordon Parsons, bless him, will chauffeur me there since he’s a faithful member of the S/S group and is sure to nip me to the steps of the Barber Institute afterwards so I can set up.

I’ve advertised on fb that the fundraiser is happening and I’m hoping this return to business entry will see some people either attending tomorrow to donate or sending MIND a donation “In the name of Pete Greville”

Time to fold leaflets –

By the way – wear a hat if you have one –

Toodle Pip





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