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Christmas Competition Results

December 27, 2013

Are amusing.

*Santa* having a good laugh at the results

*Santa* having a good laugh at the results

So: NO-ONE entered the competition, is the result of it, lmao.

Disappointment, necessarily, was the first reaction of *Santa*, for he loves to surprise and delight and so he felt a little put out of a job.  But a little reflection soon reassured him that children write to him through the chimneys (a bad idea for him, though a great one for parents etc) and adults parade their wishes to partners, friends, relatives, (some even shovel them into their own childrens’ minds) – and that’s fine for the non-magical christmas that most people enjoy (or despise).

Disappointed *Santa*

Disappointed *Santa*

*Santa*, however, is a specific variant of the ‘Father Christmas‘ symbolism. He is magical. He has certain very vital corporeal needs in order to operate his work, and certain quite unusual powers enabling him to ‘make dreams come true’ in a way that most people simply don’t expect to occur at all.

Thus it was a slight shame that no-one entered the competition despite one of them being explicitly invited to do so, because now, Zoe, your long yearned for dream holiday lies in your own hands and can only come true if you create its manifestation for yourself. It shouldn’t prove much of a problem in truth; obviously, had you entered the competition it would have been a dream holiday laid on without a hitch or worry but = hey, Rome will still be there next year… 😉

Meanwhile we will now announce *Santa*s gifting for this uncompeted competition:-

Julia will take a trip to Paris in the summer of 2014. She exemplifies the virtues of determination, courage and fellowship.

Paris Chilling

Paris Chilling

Mr Glenn Miranda will drive a mini-bus to a conference venue on a voluntary basis during the summer of 2014. He exemplifies the virtues of determination, perseverance and humility.

Decorated, but not this particular one ;-)

Decorated, but not this particular one 😉


Isabella Jakeman will enjoy a very, very, special 10th Birthday. She exemplifies the virtues of faith – and faith is all any of us need.

Cinderella goes to the Ball: (we don't do pumkin magic, bella ;-) )

Cinderella goes to the Ball: (we don’t do pumkin magic, bella 😉 )

Finally, we shall be delivering a christmas wish to Jamie, who lives somewhere in Redditch. He risked his life to save his 6 year old sister on 24th July, 2013 and this is merely one of many symptoms of the fine and noble character of  this 12 year old boy.  He will probably need to see this post and contact Janie to ensure that his wish is relevant, pleasing and in fact, life changing.

It’s an unexpected, yet particularly fulfilling turn out for both *Santa* and Baboushka (who has been very busy with her home this christmas): a unified response to wishes has been created from a delightful absence of demand, and thus they have been able to listen to that small still voice within that speaks from and for faithfulness of being and honor of action.

Messy New Beer everyone, it’s time for Benjii’s tea.

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Welcome to Christmas and our *Santa* mission-competition :-D

December 13, 2013

If you click on the link that follows this sentence you will get a christmas song on you tube to have in the  background while you read this entry:

So – we’re well into advent and children world wide are posting their letters to *Santa* once again.

All singing All smoking

Festive Spirits – *Santa* in disguise

We at MissionMiraculus are unofficial agents for *Santa* .  We act on *Santa*s behalf without even *Santa* being aware of it, though we do intend to correct this anomaly at the earliest opportunity.

This year we have a particular focus. We are delivering a wish come true to one or two of  you.

So first of all we need to hear from you about your dearest wish.

We operate by strict adherence to the promises of *Santa* , by reading every letter or email, by listening carefully to what we hear, by planning a response that optimises satisfaction, and then by planning out methods of procuring the ‘wish come true’ factor, before delivering the ‘gift’.

Our methods are not strictly conventional. Our deliveries are putatively satisfactory at least for all of our target individuals.

We would urge you to take advantage of this service.

Every ‘validated wish’ will receive a response. Every ‘unvalidated wish’ will not.

gifts of *santa*

We vary from *Santa* in one key respect. We do not offer to respond to every wish received. We offer to select 3 particularly deserving wishes and to respond to those within 6 months of receipt. The remainder of wishes will be given serious attention, however, and, in direct negotiation with *Santa* proper, we shall co-ordinate and contribute to eventual delivery of all other validated wishes expressed to us.

Don’t worry unduly if you miss the deadline: next year is a new year and you can write to Santa then. – Though we’re the Baboushka end of Santa’s work so our style is Moscow-Mayhem, lol – but we nonetheless clean our act up in time to be efficient in delivering joy to all we find ourselves among – so worry not. We think *Santa* will be proud of us and begin to pick up on the equality of women and men. MissionMiraculus has been the energy of a woman and of feminine energy sourcing.

gifts grow on trees

gifts grow on trees

Here are the methods of responding to this Christmas Wishes Competition:-

1. Write to The Editor,  MissionMiraculus.Com , 199 Easemore Road, Riverside, B98  8HF

2. Write to

3. Post a message to the editor on this site

4. Express your wish via the commenting option on this site.

5. Write to MissionMiraculus on Facebook – on our wall

Santa's reading job - b4 planning n producing 4 delivery

Santa’s reading job – b4 planning n producing 4 delivery

Get writing!! You’ve got until the 24 th December – be sure to let us have the details of your wish, your name,  contact details and your delivery address   😉 We also need to know your age range – for example, we need to know where you are in your childhood- 0-10; 11-16; 17-30; 31-70; 71-100 etc. All over 100 are registered as ‘adults’.

Janie claims to be 126, and is thus the only adult in close range.


Art & Economy

January 14, 2013
fighting over toys

fighting over toys

A letter I was writing today in relation to the death of my father led me to develop some more thoughts about a topic that has been swirling a little in my inner mind of late.

Money to adults is as toys are to children. Not the objects they represent – well, that’s a lie – even these aren’t lost on the adult kid.

Money is all about ‘having’ and ‘being’. ‘Having’ a source of regular in come is called ‘I’ve got a job’. It’s the first hall mark of the satisfied customer – my income comes from me is what this statement say’s – ‘i’m independent’.

It’s quite funny really: in the 19th century ‘having a job’ and ‘earning your own keep’ was the hallmark of poverty and lack of social status.

Even in the novels of PG Wodehouse this marker of the older system can be seen hanging on by the faintest of threads and an amused Jeeves.

Then there’s the ‘I’ve got a jaguar’ – usually by men, lol, boasting about their ‘what I do and how much I get for my job [=earn my own keep]

Of course there are people who don’t appear conscious of or make reference to their ‘possessions’ but where this is completely genuine they are so used to it they don’t notice it and it is the landscape not the object of their living.

As it should be.

Aesthetics by all means converse on and if something of beauty comes within range of the conversation or even triggers it – then discuss it at length if need be.

But ‘monetary value’ what’s that about? To discuss the issue of monetary value by any means do it immediately. But to judge a thing by its monetary tag appears to be a little bizarre.

The wonderful thing about money is the way that when you have some you are happy in the knowledge that at your whim you can go and exchange part or all of it for something you want.

It is like having a vault of possibilities stored easily in a tiny box outside the house.

And we need to remember that, some of us, in case we get carried away.

That is: we should remember that some children are greedy and selfish and boastful because they haven’t been brought up very well, some children are very naughty and jealous and deceitful because they’ve been brought up badly – and some children play by the rules dutifully without love or mercy… a few play by the spirit of play – and enjoy the fruits of their labour 🙂


December 20, 2012
Love, Love, Love..

Love, Love, Love..

..Sounds very interesting.#

I haven’t got a copy – if you have – fancy lending it to me when you’ve finished it?

I have trawled through a few articles by this journalist today, in the online Guardian pages, pursuing more information about this little ditty, and I have been favourably impressed.

That doesn’t mean – ‘I’m impressed – quick everyone, get your visas out and make a purchase’. It means : mmmm…. now this sounds worth a look…

I was looking up ‘neuroscience’ in relation to a conference I’m thinking of sending an abstract for ‘Understanding Human Flourishing: A Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference’ (CfP, Durham University, 16-17 May 2013) [in case you’re interested yourself] and somehow or another – don’t ask me how, because I can hardly recall, I ended up via a host of other articles I read during the hunt-down, coming across a couple of articles by Naomi – a far cry from my original intent.

But hardly a far cry from yesterday’s entry so – it must have been a case of serendipity.

The first thing I have to say to Naomi Wolf is : Brave Woman!!! In a world where, outside the (un)adventurous boundaries of the Guardian and the Independent, English society is terrified of the word ‘Vagina’ (though thoroughly comfortable with words like ‘shag’, ‘slag’ and ‘cunt’) (the last rather ironic of course as it usually is used against men as a term of abuse) here is a woman who happens to be at the forefront of the public eye and doesn’t cringe to admit that – she has one.

Quite a lot of us do, I hear rumoured.

I know, I know.. If you’re a man it’s a harsh thing to hear. Your mother has one, your daughter has one, the little old lady you passed in the street has one. Every other person you ever see has one.

How fucking outrageous!!!!

And it’s the reason why Feminism was fated to make such a shit job of improving our world.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course – women had to find a way to get seen, heard, valued in the world we found ourselves in: a world in which we frequently found ourselves valued as less than the cattle we slept with.

Sure things had to change.

Apparently they needed to change in this bizarre manner. With ‘feminism’ standing for ‘women’s rights’ to become ever more like men.


Who won then?

Who’s winning now?

The ‘femininists‘, that’s who – who love and adore men, who love and adore them – those whose object is to integrate and complete the human circle – by entering ‘woman’ as the equal and different partner of ‘man’. Ie:-

Those women and men who are beginning to wake up to the differences, that’s who. Those men and women who are learning to heed the sound of softness, of feeling, of tenderness, of subtlety: who tire of the call of gongs and trophies; who wear of the demand of competitive success; who notice how vacuous is the grand title, how precious the arrival of a new born baby.

Who notice how precious is the touch that is made for love, how futile the touch of coins and bedazzled, camera driven lust.

When will we ever learn… When will we ever…

Oh – I have to share with you the huge pleasure writing this has given me. A long time ago I was a post-grad at Leeds University and was privileged to be taught by two people I rapidly grew to love – Griselda Pollock and Fred Orton. Each of these individuals were exemplary examples of humanity at its best – warm, passionate, alert, sincere, determined – that must surely be sufficient attributes to win anyone’s love? I didn’t agree with the feminist part of my ‘social history of art’ nor did I feel qualified to disagree with anything.

But – if you get wind of this as it moves through the www air, Fred and Griselda: I want you to know: you did me the world of good: indeed, together with Charles Harrison, a man who grew to detest me but who I loved to and beyond the end: you made me who I am today.. Just because you never heard from me again doesn’t mean I lost ambition or drive. It means I walked my own path. And that ‘as they say’ – is the record of a fully achieved student. 😉

Olympian Star Glows On

December 17, 2012

This link works – press it 😉

I wrote the title of this entry in August. Sarah Attar was the first woman from Saudi Arabia to be permitted to run a race in the Olympics. She ran fully covered from head to foot, with only her face and hands on view unveiled.

She finished her 800 metre race almost a full lap behind her competitors yet crossed the line to a standing ovation and with a smile to light up the city of London.

For one brief moment we witnessed the beauty of humanity applauding effort over achievement, challenge over facility, obstacle over determination. In that act we simultaneously celebrated the true nature of all of these ‘normal’ values: it is through effort that we achieve, through challenge that we develop facilities and through determination that we overcome obstacles.

Sarah has already broken through astounding obstacles and challenges by arriving in England to run for her country. She may have been ‘slow’ for the Olympic Championship once she got here – but of course, even once here she was disabled by her difference of outfit as well as her disability of culture at home. I doubt she found herself well accompanied in Saudi Arabia to match the conditions she would discover in England with women world wide having already competed severally with their opponents.

It is a heroic story within the disability movement. Her disability has been cultural. She has now broken through a ceiling for her culture and we can’t do anything but smile with her – for no-one else in the championships went so far this year: In four years time we should see more women having trickled out of this opening.

Of course – there could be questions. For example – the entire obsession with competition, with establishing who runs fastest, who throws furthest, who is cleverest etc., etc., etc., – isn’t this an agenda set by men for men and infiltrated by women who can’t help feeling left out by the games men play?

This is a tough question for me. Mainly because I’m crap at competitive games. So, I stopped being interested in winning competitions shortly before I became able to think at all. I arrived in language freshly shorn of competitive ambitions.

Would that be my ‘femininity’ or simply my inclination to fail that pushed me in this way?

Competition is a difficult concept. It yields its greatest loading in politics as the arena of ‘possessive individualism’ (CB MCPherson, subtitle ‘from Hobbes to Locke’ if you’re interested); the American Dream, the shop-keeper’s daughter etc etc.

If ‘man’ stands for ‘competition’ – couldn’t ‘woman’ stand for ‘bonding’/’sharing’? Women could help men (and women who have moved to ‘male values’) to learn how to relax, how to share, how to feel safe, how to feel ok, how to feel that lovability doesn’t lie in trophies of competition – be it financial, status or penis length.

Yes, I know, how bloody radical am I??!!! 😉

But truth is – my joys come from a walk, a drink, an afternoon baking bread (not so different from clay work really), from helping a little friend with her homework, from making people laugh, from going to bed at night feeling that I’ve done one or two things to make one or two people happier.. How many trophies do I need for these achievements? And if I’ve eaten again today – does it matter?

I guess this must be why I’m not ‘rich and famous’ and why I’ve never run a race let alone win one.

I’m happy though.

Does that count at all?

I think Sarah Attar is happy too. Nothing I have said or suggested by way of reflection – detracts from her achievement. Far from it. In a land where women can wear what they like, work where they like and muscle up with the boys if that’s their wish – who on earth am I, or would I be, to oppose or question the right of the saudi arabian women to assert their existence as fully acknowledged and valued human citizens? In such a world women become the avant-garde sector pushing humanisation.

In England I believe that burden falls upon the shoulders of the ‘disability community’. There are a lot of us. If you begin to include the numbers disabled by culture and finance – it runs to many millions. Too many, by far, for David Cameron to hold back.

All it will take is a few determined people to emerge and this movement will transform this country for good.

I intuit the emergency as I write.

Tim Minchin Presents: ‘Prejudice’

January 27, 2012

– music so transforms and empowers truth – the pleasure principle works every time 🙂

Competition Terms of Entry.

January 24, 2012

Hurrah - the rules explained at last!!!!

Competition 1.Entrants are invited to think of a ‘catch phrase’ for one, other or both of the blogs : and
Three top prizes will be awarded to the winners of this prize: 1. The winner of the catchphrase award for silencelol.wordpress 2. The winner of the catchphrase award for the talkheals.wordpress 3. The winner of the catchphrase award for the amalgam blogs, incorporating an excellent marketing grasp of the power of the two together.

First prize for 1 and 2 will be £500. First prize for 3 will be £1000.

The catchphrases will be used for the year of 2012 on the blog and will be credited to the author of it.

Competition 2.

Entrants are invited to write an article in which the relationship between the two sites, and are examined and appreciated, much as one would appreciate a work of art.

The project of these blogs is to be thought of within a small number of reference points:-

A. Art – Form and Content
B. Art and Politics
C. Art in the 19th Century, Courbet to Manet
D. In relation to Rodchenko and the Constructivists
E. Women in Art
F. Art & Language (in both senses; of the group and the concept)
G.’Issue’ (Nottingham) and ‘Ratcatcher’ (Hull)
H. ‘History Painting’
I. ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Art Theory’
J. ‘Who the f**k does Janie Greville think she IS, anyway!?!?!’
K. Mental Health Narrative Practitioner Work.
L. Anti Stigma and Discrimination: Equality and Diversity Law. Theory into Practice.

There will be an award for each interesting and memorable entry into this competition. Intellectuals from a range of strands should find plenty to get their teeth into; Anti-Intellectuals can have a field day with option J.

The winning prize for this competition will be £1500 plus an invitation to join the board at MissionMiraculus as either an honorary member or an executive member at their own choosing. They will collect a 5% share of MM’s 2012 profits.

Get marketing you writers – this blog will make as much money as you provide it via your visits and recommendations. The more you engage, the richer it will get and the greater your stake in the company: MissionMiraculus!!! 😉

The end of entry date is not yet decided. Entries to be sent to the address as advertised yesterday and please ensure the fees are paid. £2.50 for Competition One, £4.50 for Competition 2.

Looking Forward to hearing from you. Let’s put the end of date at 31st March. CUT OFF DATE 31ST MARCH 2012. PRESENTATION OF AWARDS LATE APRIL 2012.

Address for entries is
for fees is MissionMiraculus; c/o 199 Easemore Road, Riverside, Redditch, Worcs., B98 8HF.


Competition Update

January 23, 2012

Have a coffee and get writing! 🙂

Ok. A lot of interest shown in the competition, so we’re thinking: A two tier competition level.

One competition will cost £4.50, this will be a simple competition and the top prize will be £500.

The second competition will be more creative and intellectual and will take a lot of effort. The top prize will be £1000 and the entry fee will be £2.50. An incentive then, for putting in the effort.

The valuable outcomes of both will be published on this or an associated site.

Address for entries and entry fees : MissionMiraculus, C/o 199 Easemore Road, Riverside, Redditch, Worcs., B98 8HF.
Email address for entries once fees collected –

Any queries please call Janie Greville, 07828777647
Exact terms of contest to be published later on today or tomorrow.

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