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October 3, 2017

harvesting amok lol


I’ve spent about £55 prepping for it so that’s my contribution..

By the way – anyone who lives near Redditch town centre – my apple trees are groaning with fruit! My next door neighbour, a lovely guy with an equally lovely wife and children, has grazed his arm beating down the garden of Eden chaos that is my orchard and if you like fruit and care to help message me within the next day or two

Coming Up for Air

October 3, 2017

After 5 years of mourning – Dad, Godmothet & Mother and “empty nest syndrome,” I’m back on track – a new track:

A refreshed path of looking forward and drained of PTSD trails.

There is little time to write to you today – i’m busy folding leaflets and making cakes for the fundraiser for Mind tomorrow Weds 4th October outside the Barber Institute of Fine Art.

The ‘gig’ there I’ve arranged a bit solo – bit dumb but it bubbles up as an idea last Thursday and tomorrow is the monthly Suresearch meeting at the Uni of Birmingham so it fitted in perfectly with no time to find help to prepare. But Gordon Parsons, bless him, will chauffeur me there since he’s a faithful member of the S/S group and is sure to nip me to the steps of the Barber Institute afterwards so I can set up.

I’ve advertised on fb that the fundraiser is happening and I’m hoping this return to business entry will see some people either attending tomorrow to donate or sending MIND a donation “In the name of Pete Greville”

Time to fold leaflets –

By the way – wear a hat if you have one –

Toodle Pip





a long silence

August 5, 2014

You may have noticed a long silence in this site of late.

It is the silence of thought..

In-Sight: Creating the False Self (4)

June 25, 2014

just found this quite by accident …and it’s significance struck me..


Richard Rohr has posted the fourth “ego split” which results in the creation of the false self…

The Fourth Split: Acceptable Self from Unacceptable Self

The final split is the split of the acceptable self (persona) from the unacceptable self (shadow). What this split tries to accomplish is allowing us to identify with an idealized, more acceptable image of ourselves.  We identify with what our group or tribe says is admirable.

For the Franciscan mystics, there is no idealization of the self. Francis wore a habit with many patches and said, “I’ve got to wear patches on the outside to let everybody know what I’m like on the inside.”  Now that’s a facing of the shadow. He’s saying, “There’s no disguising that I’m a weak person, and I don’t want you to think I’m better than I really am.” That translated into an identification with the poor, the marginalized, and…

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“When You’re Falling, Dive: Using Your Pain to Transform Your Life”

November 28, 2013

 Is the title of a recent book. Today we offer you a review of the text by an Amazon customer. We believe this book offers a perspective that empowers us all when in personal crisis or difficulty, and that it provides ample evidence of the fundamental problems and dangers of conventional ‘mental health services’ within western medicine. It offers an ethos that is consistent with the beliefs and values of MissionMiraculus.


            Above: MissionMiraculus Road2Recovery Show at Cannon Hill Park in 2010 

“In his book, ‘When you’re falling Dive’, Mark Matousek explores the effects that trauma can have on the progression of our lives. He argues that `post-catastrophe living’ can often be more intense, more vibrant and more joyous than the lives of those who haven’t experienced great suffering.

In an interview with Dr Rachel Remen, she tells him “The process of wounding actually awakens us to our strength. It shuffles our values. And the top priority is never what you thought it would be. It’s never about perfection or power. It always turns out to be about love.”

Although, this may sound counter-intuitive, when we are suffering the loss of love, it is often true, that grief can open our eyes to the love that is still in our lives. It can strengthen the relationships we have with other family members or friends and may bring new relationships and new opportunities into our lives.

Experiencing trauma makes us realise that life can be fragile and brings the concept of impermanence to the forefront of our minds, but this can also help us to loosen our grip on the dissatisfaction of the material world and help us to contemplate the bigger questions. This change of perspective can help us to appreciate the relationships we have, and with more empathy, we are often able to treat others around us with greater love and compassion and less judgement, which, in turn, can lead to the possibility of enhanced relationships with others and more joy and love in our lives.
Mark tells us “…terror can be a door to enlightenment. While traditional cultures have long understood the empowering aspects of fear and wounding, the double-edged force of passage rites to galvanize and deepen the spirit, we are too often shielded from this secret knowledge” He believes that our contemporary view of pain and loss as handicaps to be avoided at any cost, is not only `wrong-headed’, but could also potentially be dangerous and counter-productive for the evolution of mankind. “…terror is fuel; wounding is power. Darkness carries the seeds of redemption. Authentic strength isn’t found in our armour but at the very pit of the wounds each of us manages to survive. As one widow put it to me, `strength doesn’t mean being able to stand up to anything, but being able to crawl on your belly a long, long time before you can stand up again.”

In living through his own trauma, he has come to believe that it is through our suffering that we are able to become better human beings… “Our brains are highly mutable, reinventing themselves on a regular basis, which is why not putting pain to it’s natural use – as grist for the evolution mill – is such an extraordinary waste of suffering. While hardship can certainly render us bitter, selfish, defensive, and miserable, it can also be used quite differently; as the artery of interconnection, a bridge to other people in pain, as blood in the muscle that propels us. Crisis takes us to the brink of our limits and forces us to keep moving forward. When people in extremis call it a blessing this is the paradox they are describing…Crises pushes you to travel wide, fast, and deep, expands the heart and calls forth reserves of courage you didn’t know you had, like adrenaline in the muscles of a mother saving her only child. Only you are the child, and it’s your life – the life of your own soul – that you are saving.”

Life invariably involves loss, and whilst going through the excruciating aftermath of bereavement or trauma it is hard to believe there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, but in interviewing many people who have experienced different kinds of traumatic events, Mark Matousek’s book is an optimistic portrayal of how these events can mould us into more, compassionate, kind and vibrantly alive people. So perhaps we can cling to the hope that there can be an upside to grief after all.”

Review by ‘Anna’ on Amazon Internet site, of ‘When you’re falling, Dive’ by Mark Matousek

No-News Update, and an angry yorkshire man…

November 19, 2013
In the Perishing Cold

In the Perishing Cold

So – it’s true… A lingering cold, robbing us of energy & efficiency, has meant that – though we have a wonderful brass plaque for MissionMiraculus Ltd. – we have nowhere to put it but around Arrabbella’s neck with string donated by Gordon Parsons, lol,  and Janie is freezing half to death in her home devoid of a working boiler & her reluctance to heat water from the immersion (though she’s doing it other daily in the interests of hygiene lol).

We think, while you’re waiting, you might like this link, for a yorkshire man’s view of politics. Click on this link and a new page will open – enjoy!! 🙂





Maya inadvertantly embodies MM-us values; Aesthetic Science in Motion.

November 11, 2013

I don’t think this article has enjoyed the attention it deserves, so I’ve decided to republish it, without editing, again.

Beneath the Throne

The values of MissionMiraculus Ltd (= MM-us) have been articulated across a range of documents authored by MissionMiraculus & Janie Greville. All of this material is Copyrighted with All Rights Reserved. Today, in particular, we would like to draw your attention to the term ‘Aesthetic Science’. Although Janie Greville has coined this term originally, together with a concept of meaning that refers in and outward to a deep and wide network of knowledges and affective references; it is not the first usage of this term.

One company offering cosmetic surgery have misused the term vis a vis the dictionary definition of the term within The Shorter Oxford Dictionary, a common reference manual for such disagreements, and therefore we anticipate this commercial concern will shortly be renaming their company.

A book as been edited by Arthur P. Shimamura and Stephen E. Palmer, with a telling subtitle – ‘Connecting Minds…

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A Broadcast by MissMiracle’s MIC :-D

October 29, 2013

NB ‘MMus’ is the trading name of MissionMiraculus Ltd.

‘My interpretation of what’s in your head – by MissMiracle’s MIC

 MMus Ltd.  is a community based project group delivering specialist services to mental health users. Initially this will be delivered within the west midlands (December 2013 – June 2014). It will then be rolled out nationally, then internationally.  Specialist services are to be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Money for this purpose will be funded by grants and funds raised  by MMus’ Charity Trust.

The current Mental Health system works for some people and fails others.  By using a catch all process, the MHS delivers its care in a way that’s far too general.  Specific issues that make a huge difference in someone’s treatment are often missed because those issues fall outside of the standard mental health flowchart.  MMus will try and address this imbalance.  By promoting and creating specific life events tailored to a specific user’s needs, their difficulties will be healed. We expect to find exponentially improved recovery rates and to enjoy hearing about the thriving lives which proceed from our healing work.

Here are two hypothetical situations

Paul is a sufferer of depression.  He is currently being treated in the usual pharmacological way.  Psychologists have long reported that Paul’s issues derive from a lack of self-worth; he is a person who lacks self-esteem in a wide range of areas of his life.

What could help Paul ?

Paul needs to feel valued by others to truly value himself.   A 10 min chat with Paul reveals that he likes nature and gardening.  So MMus arrange for the city council to grant a space in the central Park to build a small garden.  Paul is asked to help create this garden with other MMus users who share the same aims.  The garden is created and Paul sees  a triumph.  MMus then gives support to Paul and he eventually finds a job as a park warden.  Moreover – he is so delighted with the success of MMus methods that he joins the organisation and takes on new clients with mental health issues he can relate to and who enjoy gardening…. Thus begins a cascade of ‘self-help’.

Lucy suffers from an aggressive personality, a diagnosed personality disorder.  She is on a low dose of anti-psychotic medication and anti-depressants.  She has been sectioned twice and she now just sits at home worrying and becoming more reclusive.  As far as the Mental health System goes she gets a visit once a week by a support worker.  MMus Gets a grant from the Government to run an art workshop for a week.   Lucy is invited and discovers a love for carving wood.  This then gives Lucy a objective to focus on and MM will then help promote and share her work.

These are two very Happy Ending scenarios and, in the MHS, for every 2 people you will help there will be 8 people you can’t. Our aim is to change these statistics . We believe that we will reverse these statistics.

MMus Is a way of targeting specific care shots to specific people whether it be de-cluttering, helping with a driving licence etc etc.  It’s the little things in life that really make the difference, these lead on to the more remarkable changes and ultimately is a cheaper way of getting people back into society that constantly giving them mind altering drugs.

MMus is trying to break the habit of “managing people” and change this to “inspiring people.”‘





Peter Greville 14.7.1930 – 4.10.2012

October 27, 2013

My father, ‘Anthony Pierre Greville’ on birth certificate, was ubiquitously known as ‘Pete’ & ‘Petey’. He was a drummer, photographer and bullshitter of the most delightful variety. He also played the guitar, the piano and the heart strings. I am very much his daughter, though a painter more than a musician and my photography is untutored in the sense that his music was untutored, thus the highest of his achievements. Since his death I’ve felt him closer in my life and he remains the inspiration in my life for self acceptance and self-assertion and expression – it worked for him, I sense that the truer I am to myself the better life will work for/with me..

Beneath the Throne



The following piece was originally written by Janie Greville as her contribution to the Conference for World Mental Health Day held at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on 10.10.2012.

“I would like to use this opportunity to say a few words about Hope and Communication in the course of our lives – and in the lives, particularly, of those journeying within the medical health and care services.

In my years of experience as a person suffering a diagnosis of a ‘severe and enduring mental illness’ and suffering distress related to such labelling, I have had reason to focus on the concepts of Hope and Communication in the provision of Mental Health Services. It has only been the experience of accompanying and watching my father suffer and then die, however, that has opened my eyes to the pivotal role that these two dimensions of care play in health care as a…

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Hello, Good Evening and Welcome! (‘taking tips from walter benjamin’)

October 3, 2013

It’s just a few days since I blogged this one – and yet, its resonance is such as to move me still and to long to find significant others reading me and responding to me by commenting on this blog. I’m told by Gordon Parsons that it is difficult if not impossible to comment on this blog – spammers have no problem lol – what’s the prob? Write to me on Janie Greville fb page, or MissionMiraculus fb page and tell me what the problem is if it’s other than ‘can’t be arsed’ ….. but then if that’s the block… you can’t be arsed to move to fb either can you? lmao 😉

Beneath the Throne

…deary me, am I being possessed by David Frost? Please, no, his jacket’s wouldn’t fit me… my shoulders are straight, straight like my mother’s, they look wide and also strong… no there I’m wrong – she looks strong, I’m fragile to gaze at…  lucky me, full of vulnerability – I couldn’t be more pleased… tragedy lies in the line of solid strength, storms will break the impermeable oak; while the willow bends its face beneath the water then,….. sways up again as healthy as before…

What happens when I let my mind wander… (‘loosening of association’)

so – not Seamus Heaney either….
Who else has died this week?
Who’s been born?
Who’s lurking in the shadows,
Scared to be seen?
Who’s losing hope and tiptoe-ing out of the room?
Who’s timidly hiding and slightly showing,
And wishing, someone would lift her to the light?

Who’s visibly playing, playfully dancing,

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