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Open-Up, A Mind run project wthin Time-to- Change

Open-Up, A Mind run project wthin Time-to- Change

Today we are republishing an archive text worth reviving, especially since, with all their millions of quid to impact on discrimination, Rethink dominated ‘Time-to-Change’ have squashed the, Mind organised, Open Up out of the T-to-C picture and have diverted those small funds back into their corporatist image work.

We are not impressed by this utterly conformist, corporatist attitude. Open Up – opened up a wealth of grass-roots groups screaming out for support and it engendered a swelling of hope, resourcefulness and personal recovery among the individuals it embraced and was embraced by.

Inspiration guides us – It’s heaven from here at last! 🙂

This was powerful stuff. It fuelled the already impassioned MissionMiraculus group, created from within the Birmingham University based CEIMH (defunct since Nov 2010) & Suresearch (leapfrogging from CEIMH to bigger & better things taking the ethos of the CEIMH with it). The £3000 grant it received for its R2R Show in 2009-2010 was exponentially valuable – it changed the lives of seven people.

Three of whom are now at the core in the engine room of MissionMiraculus Ltd. We are due to launch MMus Ltd as a services & products outlet and outfit – locally to begin with (North Worcs), then Birmingham & Solihull and Sandwell Trusts, then further afield. We will be forming business alliances with ethical businesses and being very clear when we cannot agree to alliances or connections, and why.

‘Never doubt that a few people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’, said Margaret Mead the famous anthropologist. We’re guessing she studied stasis and change within and across a wide range of organised social groups, from tribal to urban. We’re banking on the truth of her observations since we will begin as a very small number of people indeed. There are around 5 of us in the centre – and two of them haven’t realised just what they’ve let themselves in for yet lol.

So – HERE IT IS! 🙂

From www.time-to-change.org.uk news & media; feb 2011. /Time to Change launches online toolkit to tackle mental health discrimination.                                                                                               Submitted by Kate Stringer on Thu, 17/02/2011 – 10:23pm

A new online learning resource that will help individuals to tackle mental health discrimination launches today (19th January 2010).

Speak Out! Your really useful guide to challenging mental health discrimination, is based on learning from the Open Up Initiatives Scheme that is part of the Time to Change programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Open Up provides support and inspiration for people with experience of mental health problems who want to challenge stigma and discrimination for themselves.


MissionMiraculus’s Road2Recovery Show at Cannon Hill Park in the Summer of 2010

Delivery of these 32 grassroots initiatives has been critical to the success of the new social movement built by Time to Change that has supported people to disclose their experiences of mental health problems in order to change the attitudes and behaviour of the rest of the population.

Mental health discrimination is one of the major obstructions that people who have personal experience of a mental health problem face in their daily lives. It comes in many forms and can affect  job prospects, health outcomes and relationships with family and friends. Nine out of ten people say they experience discrimination and often this is seen as a greater barrier than the symptoms of a mental illness itself.

The new resource is intended to give people with experience of mental health issues a practical guide to fighting stigma and discrimination in their local community. Speak Out contains films and factsheets as well as advice from people who have formed their own grassroots groups.

Caroline Roe is Director of Harmless, an organisation based in Nottingham run by and for people with experience of self harm. Harmless was supported by the Open Up Initiatives Scheme to write and publish In Our Own Words, a book about self-harm….

“Janie Greville, from the West Midlands, was part of Mission Miraculus, a group which organised a roadshow around the Midlands to challenge the assumptions about mental health. She commented: “The support we received to bring this project to life has made a great difference to me. It has effectively acted as a recovery intervention for me and my colleagues in the group.

Janie in 2010
Janie in 2010

“In the run up to the roadshows we learned how to organise ourselves and some of us, if not all of us, learned that we had competences and capacities beyond those we had assumed of ourselves. Little by little we began to notice that others took us seriously and respected us for our values and work. “

Brigid MorrisOpen Up Project Manager, said: “Open Up believes that raising awareness about mental health is the best way to confront stereotypes and tackle discrimination for which resources such as this are vital. We hope Speak Out will provide useful practical advice to those wishing to do this. We work with people who want to speak out against discrimination in positive and constructive ways, giving them the tools and the confidence they need to put their plans into action.

“We put Speak Out together so people who want to tackle mental health discrimination in their community can have a starting point to turn to. We hope this resource will prove to be a really useful guide that will help people to set up their own anti-discrimination projects with great advice and ideas from people who are experts by experience.”

Volcanic Brightening Burst
Volcanic Brightening Burst

Open Up, part of the Time to Change programme, supports people with experience of mental distress to challenge mental health discrimination at a grassroots level. The project’s work is led by people with lived experience of mental health issues and provides training, networking and mentoring opportunities where people can share skills and resources and develop their ideas.

For more information visit http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/speakout”


By the way – now that you have a historical context for the emergence of MissionMiraculus as a voluntary group perhaps you will understand that it’s imminent ‘leap’ to prominence in the UK and abroad – is no ‘sudden appearance’. We have a history already – we are simply moving scale and monetising since we need to if we’re to change the face of mental health services, treatments, theories as we decided to do many years ago.  We will not succeed alone – we anticipate a huge plethora of alliances amongst the alienated victims of conventional psychiatry with its co-dependent relations with big pharma.

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