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How Janie is experienced….

October 18, 2013

Please fill in our ‘Polldaddy’ survey re Bipolar/Manic Depression and Anxiety/Depression levels of experience. There will be prizes for the  respondent who provides contact details, completes the survey questionnaire and offers the best idea for a short, catchy slogan to be attached to the relaunched identity of MissionMiraculus and Miss Miracle’s MIC

….by her loved ones…

Zainy Jainey Take a Chill Pill!

Zainy Jainey Take a Chill Pill!ound all their alarm bells.

It’s a bipolar relevant matter. My bf (boyfriend) and bf (best friend), my elder daughter and, to be fair, no one else who has expressed concern, have jointly and separately provided a wake-up call for me during the last three weeks. It hasn’t been that I have performed the constant nightmare role in their lives but that I was slipping into something that reminds them of trips to the nuthouse and this has been quite sufficient to unnerve them.

There are, of course, reasons for this instability. Last night I opened up my floodgates of grief re my Dad’s departure for unknown territory a year ago and this has been grounding for both me and my sister and, moving forwards, for those in my world who I love and who love me.

It’s all about ‘early warning signs’ of course – but unless you have an accurate map based on an accurate understanding of causes and pathways then the ‘EWS’ work will be entirely futile. As it has been over and again during years gone by.

This time the medication routine is nailed into the strategy (not necessarily forever but certainly til we get to safe ground) and I am continuing to listen to trusted others.

I am also mindful of anxiety levels around me and mindful to examine the flow of fear that moves across the networks of my friends and families in relation to my social conduct and expressive behaviour.

Just as laughter is poised on the interface of pleasure and pain, so hypomania is poised on the interface of psychic-emotional pain and pleasure – it is that critical point of meeting where fear in the form of anxiety enters the system as adrenalin and begins to flood the body. The body doesn’t have a clear ‘knowledge’ of the meaning of this tidal wave and it moves obediently in accordance with the instructions of the conscious and subconscious mind.

To come to rest the body needs to discharge this adrenalin in a manner that does not merely excite further outflows from the adrenals.

Consequently the ill-advised approaches are:- 1. enter a state of conflict or anger; 2. To be controlled by the adrenalin fuelled state as distinct from remaining mindful of the fact of this flooded condition; 3. To allow the adrenalin flow to go unimpeded.

Due to the pleasurable experience of high adrenalin flow in the body providing that it is linked with excitement rather than fear, the experiencer can be or become inclined to indulge in the flow and to resist external attempts to bring it under control.

Due to the body state – flooded with adrenalin – the very worst move by friends, relatives or mental health services would be to attempt to intervene abruptly and from ‘above’ to bring this condition to a halt. In the vast majority of cases this would be experienced as threatening and frightening by the possessor of the condition and the overwhelmingly likely reaction/response will be resistance. THE RESISTANCE WILL BE IN PROPORTION TO THE FORCE BROUGHT TO THE CONDITION.

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Remember always: adrenalin, at an evolutionary level, is the body’s device for commanding extraordinary levels of emergency mental, emotional and physical energy. The ‘sufferer’ will be in an ‘enhanced state of consciousness’ and an ’emergency-alert body state’.

Where the discharge of the adrenalin is directed toward creative or academic pursuits the results may be surprising in their levels of achievement. Where the discharge is directed toward sporting expressions, similarly, the achievements may be untypical of what would be predictable by the person in their ‘normal’ state. Sport is an excellent vehicle for discharging adrenalin since it clears the body of those poisonous chemicals associated with adrenalin which will collect in the body and harm it whenever it is simply left to fester undischarged.

This of course, is a level of understanding that remains light years away in any NHS psychiatric hospital. It is also why MissionMiraculus has a strategic interest in creating a service that will compete with the NHS for such patients and holds high hopes that it’s bench marked and staticised and published results of the first 2 years of business in this regard will demonstrate that its ‘shared humanness’ ethos and its translated from theory treatment plans outstrip the NHS success stories hands down.

Which is why, if you take an interest in bi-polar/manic depression and/or depression & anxiety, you should link across to Facebook MissionMiraculus page right now and ‘like’ our page there. While you’re at it track the life of Arrabbella Faith on Facebook and sign up to see the ‘Laughing for a Change’. Its Headline act is the well known ‘Barbara Nice’ – well known in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Less well known are a group of ‘new and developing comic artists’ amongst which will be Arrabbella. Only £5 a ticket from the Box Office at the Birmingham Rep and on a Sunday night beginning at 7pm – so it won’t be a late one.

It will, however, be a fun one.  Please fill in the poll questionnaire and take note of the contact details for this site, below. The 1st, 10th, 25th, and 100th person to fill in the questionnaire will win a gift from the Company ‘Miss Miracle’s MIC’ upon providing your email address or mobile telephone number and name. Candidates for a prize should nominate their preference for a gift leaning into the following fields of preference: a book; a gift leaning to nature; a gift from the domain of ‘art and culture’; ‘surprise me’.  The 1st and 1000th respondent will receive a special invitation to the first formal meeting of MissionMiraculus re-launched, a three-course meal with its core team members and the chance to take the stage on the day if they so wish.  The RRP of the gifts are range from £50 to £500 in today’s values. They are forecast to rise in value over the next five years to an exponential degree, ie way out of proportion to the UK annual inflation rate. These gifts, therefore, are recommended for investment purposes as well as for pleasure.

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Born at last, after birth cleaned off, birthing suite under repairs

August 11, 2013


What a Perfect Summer for it! 🙂

Saturday with Friends and Family  028

Saturday with Friends and Family 028 (Photo credit: -DjD-)

For some reason it seems that everyone I know who has reached true maturity has had to enter some kind of extremely painful, frightening journey in their lives that has retrospectively appeared to be like a ‘rebirth’ because of the gifts it reaps once the shit has settled.

I wonder why the well-intentioned control freaks in the mental health services provision or in any other ‘caring’ contexts will insist on trying to anaesthetise this unbearable pain and distress?

Could it be that these are the people who simply can’t bear to think about inner pain, let alone see it? So much pain that no cognitive coherence is possible and the outer appearance is hysteria, or extreme autism or incomprehensible pattern devoid of apparent rationality or appropriacy.  That they are filled with terror in the face of pain or anything that they don’t understand? That they take refuge in the fields of explanation that omit of the possibility that the apparent extreme, dangerous, intense and mystifying behaviour is a developmental urge of the soul which is reaching for more of life, more joy, more pleasure, more fulfilment, more love, more beauty, more opportunity, more hope?

Perhaps it is time that the position of being a practising psychiatrist should enter DSM : mental disorder: asocial personality disorder is a person who exhibits an over attachment to rules and other aspects of systems and an under acknowledgement or interest in fellow persons. In consequence such a person when relating or encountering a fellow human will not be at all observant in relation to who is in front of her/him. S/he will scan the person and their behaviour through his/her rule books and guidelines and make rapid judgements about who s/he is ‘with’ that have nothing to do with the person she/he is with. In day to day life you can spot such people by their level of social discriminations, religious and political discriminations etc etc. In a professional such as a psychiatrist the disorder is evidenced by the manner in which he/she scans the patient for descriptions to be found in disorder texts and dsm manual of ‘disorders’ and ‘symptoms’.

To be fair the simplest test with everyone you meet is: do they think for themselves? If they do you can be pretty sure they are either under 7 or a mature adult. Some adults mature very young. Some are still in the ‘gang age’ when they die, alone, at 92.

Interesting Laing failed to break psychiatry and the ‘madness industry’ not because his arguments were poor but because they could be politically challenged and attacked and were vulnerable to the breezes of fashion especially if the breeze grew strong. The arrival of a Britiain weary of Callaghan as well as Heath meant that the culture swung to the right. Laing’s decline became inevitable, part of the ‘hippy 60’s’ ’70’s decay’ once Thatcherism got a hold.

Nothing to worry about – as you’ve seen I have discovered a way to highlight the conceptual frame for contemporary and 19th C Psychiatry that secures everyone, gradually – hopefully if you all find 5 people to share this posting with and ensure that they do the same thing, the sharing will be rapid. By next Saturday the paradigm shift in this zone of ‘science’ will have been noticed and there will be an article in the Independent on Saturday and something related to that but asking more probing questions, will be in the Observer on Sunday lol

Well that was a ‘hypo-manic’ paragraph in its optimism and sweeping generalisation. Still…. it remains disappointing that I have fewer companions for uprooting this 150 year old bind weed – we’re more than a mere handful, but we’re being held back by the obsequious and the opportunistic, not to mention the socially compliant which leads, lets face it, to obsequiousness anyway. Oh I do wish people valued themselves more and began to think for themselves!

Of course – earning the label consultant psychiatrist doesn’t exclude that person from being someone who fully listens to and observes an acutely distressed human being. It is simply that the entire training as a psychiatrist is the same as that of a GP and both are trained to see the body as so many working, or not working, or struggling, parts. It includes diagrams and demonstrations of how these different parts relate to each other. It doesn’t, however, have an integrated sense or concept of the whole person being greater than the sum of its parts – in a way that a lawn mower doesn’t, or a jaguar doesn’t, for example.

Now – Do an Amelia Greville – and spread the news lmao

Toodle Pip, From your every loving

Miss Miracle (in August)

Father’s Recovery

October 25, 2012
All singing All smoking

All singing, All smoking

Please read this piece to ‘That’s Life’ by Frank Sinatra. There’s a good YouTube video for it, by the way.

I don’t wish to speak on behalf of my father, but since his death I have had little alternative.

His perception of his life in the final years of it was critical. He felt hemmed in, his opinion of the food didn’t bear repeating, he appreciated the architecture and the tender heartedness of many of the human beings around him but he considered the core culture of health and care to be rooted in stupidity. As a patient and an ‘unqualified’ man no one with any influence took a blind bit of notice.

He noticed he didn’t like being held under lock and key for six and a half years and he yearned for the support he would have needed to bring the NHS to court over his treatment from 2006 until he left Houghton Regis Unit in, I believe, April 2009.

I was one person who should have been more palpably supportive. I make the excuse I wasn’t so well myself back then and until quite recently I went up and down a lot and had my children’s needs to see to etc. But excuses won’t bring my dad back to life. Nor will they give him back his liberty and dignity during the years before he died.

The stories to be found in officialdom will tell a different story.

Pass the sick bucket.

A brief word or three from Tim:

March 14, 2012

Harrassment Alert

March 4, 2012
Strength Battered By Brutality

Strength Battered by Brutality

Today we wish to draw your attention to a case being brought by the police against a citizen of Birmingham.

The person in question is a member of the Suresearch group in Birmingham. Suresearch is a service user peer support and research group that also includes and involves friends and allies amongst professional academics at the University (where it is hosted) – and other groups and individuals championing the cause of human rights and, i.e., improved treatment of sufferers of acute and/or enduring mental health distress by both provided services and surrounding communities.

He is an active citizen who is committed to offering his time and energies to the service of others by providing information and links to members of the suresearch group and to other groups of which he is either a member or an actively interested visitor.

One of these other groups is ‘Pink Shield’, a gay community group. At meetings of this group a police contingent is present to represent and to learn about the threats faced by this community group and to respond appropriately to its needs.

Our Suresearch member made a link with one of these police officers and added her to his email list for relevant communications. In addition, where he deemed it appropriate, he sent her specific communications to alert her to matters he considered relevant and significant for police notice.

Around about the time of the August riots last year, he noticed that the police officer concerned possessed a facebook page that clearly identified both her occupation and her private living whereabouts. In an act of protective alert, he sent her an email to caution her about this, explaining the potentially vulnerable position she was placing herself in.

He was arrested on January 17th this year and held, first in a police cell, then at a remand centre, for 8 days and nights. He was allowed no visitors or phone calls, and the letter sent to him by his brother mysteriously ‘disappeared’ – at any rate, he didn’t receive it until he returned home and could read the copy of it his brother had wisely made.

He has appeared in court and has been given an adjourned date of 26th April, 2012 for the hearing.

We will be obtaining the time and the address of the magistrates court where this hearing will take place and we will be calling for visible support for this maligned citizen.

Thank you for your time and support of this case.

A Lot to Report.

February 9, 2012

ZanyJaney 2010; Cannon Hill Pk; Road2Recovery Show

In fact: I don’t even know where to begin.

There is the new theory of mind and body = mergence emerging, not collapsing (qua ‘psychiatry’) to begin to delineate; a new breaking story of almost mind blowing ignorance and stupidity viz stigma and discrimination and small group politics in that (from a local police group) to report and – oh, so much more.

However: where are all of YOU?

In a seven day period we usually see 3-4000 of you popping to see how we are getting on and what we are saying.

This last week has probably seen less than 100 of you clicking in – and even the more light hearted site, has seen less than a 1000 of you flooding forward.

This is fine re eg ‘Time-to-Change’ and ‘Mind’ – after all, the latter tend to spend too much time asking you for money and the former are inclined to treat you as passive consumers.

But this and the sister site – these are genuinely participatory sites and for two months you loved it. Apparently now you’re bored? Just how fickle are you?

I know you don’t like us criticising you: our tendency to let Janie Greville impact on our identity such that being ‘a bit judgemental’ is pretty much par for the course as a result (thanks for pointing that out intelligent young Lorna Greville, lol) is perhaps something we ought to reconsider : maybe we ought to tell her and her pal Arrabbella to shut up and stop playing about so that we can focus on serious stuff?

If that’s what you think then you are making a cognitive error.

It’s high time that you used the mind that you were born with. Joy and Laughter move along harmonically, contrastingly and intelligently in the learning journey – sometimes by design, sometimes quite by accident.

Then again, we’re also influenced by Janie’s confidence: there are those who like to call it ‘arrogance’. Janie would respond (and believe us, we’ve tried it, she does it every time) by saying: “confidence means : con = with ‘fide’ = trust meaning = with trust (in the beliefs and convictions and information being shared); whilst ‘arrogance‘ derives from the latin ‘claim for oneself’ – 1537 ‘to claim and assume as a right that to which one is not entitled’; ‘to appropriate without just reason, or through self conceit, insolence or haughtiness’… ‘to assume without reason..’

Well, somehow or another, those of us within MissionMiraculus have been persuaded to believe and do intuitively recognise the difference between these two qualities of personal assertiveness and we notice, too that the authority with which Janie speaks (or writes) appears to be challenged most by those who deem her ‘lesser’ because of her mental health status, or because of her economic status or her occupational status or her social status. Janie has sub-culture, under-class status in these ways – we notice it doesn’t bother her and that she seldom if ever attempts to hide or upgrade representations of these ‘status’ driven values. We also notice she is a woman and that this in itself immediately removes from her a right to confidence.

We forward this ‘information’ in order to inspire other women and other ‘sub class’ groups and individuals and other ‘under class’ individuals to rise up and assert themselves in dignity and self trust.

All of us are humans. All of us are part of nature’s great pattern. None of us are exceptions to this. None of us are special in relation to these factors. Let’s stop bowing to status, wealth and ‘knowledge’. Let’s start thinking for ourselves and valuing ourselves – not more, nor less, than others, but equally.

This is equivalent to a mission statement by MissionMiraculus: however, being written by one member without voted agreement it is, until this has been achieved, a personal mission statement by the editor of these blogs:

Jessica Clements.

Tim Minchin Presents: ‘Prejudice’

January 27, 2012

– music so transforms and empowers truth – the pleasure principle works every time 🙂

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