Things I’m thinking in the exchange between us..

Magic of Thinking Big Cover

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The exchange being me writing and publishing an extraordinary story, woven into a theory of mind and of personal distress, tangled up with other cues and clues to the threads of connection between word and deed, between theory and practice, to

reveal the under appreciated importance and value of artistic behaviour and production..

and the over fetishised value of documentation.

I have kept wondering why so few of you have commented on this blog, or responded to my starts of a possible dialogue or discussion.

I have just realised that although I intimated on the ‘about’ page what shape this blog would take, it has probably been difficult for you to see the direction and potential meaning it has been constructing. Consequently it may have been difficult for you to ‘get stuck into the conversation’.

As we draw to the completing pieces to this piece of digitally produced concept work as trind put them in place we are anticipating the opportunity to step back to reflect on it as a whole. No work of art can be assessed and appreciated until it is complete. The performance work of art is tricky because it requires both watching across time and later reflecting on when it has completed.

Neither of us know how it will come to a close – we must let serendipity take a hand and trust its aesthetic artfulness and grace in its work.

Jessica Clements & Janie Greville

16th January 2012 Altered significantly on 11th August, 2013

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